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Capitalizing on nearly two decades of experience with some of the country’s largest law firms working on complex corporate transactions and significant, high-stakes litigation, Aaron, John and Floyd formed Allred Wilcox & Hartley PLLC to better serve their clients and friends in a small firm environment that provides efficiency, focus, and dedication to their clients’ business and economic interests. With its office in the historic district of old downtown Plano, AWH is a boutique business law firm focused on private equity, mergers and acquisitions, general corporate and finance transactions, and litigation of business, employment, and energy-related matters.

Aaron, John, and Floyd were trained, and became partners, at top-tier global and national law firms such as Hughes & Luce, K&L Gates, Jackson Walker, and Carrington Coleman. At AWH, they apply this collective experience to help their clients efficiently and effectively resolve disputes through litigation or otherwise and to negotiate and close transactions of all sizes and degrees of complexity. Aaron, John, and Floyd deliver the focused attention of experienced law partners to every aspect of every matter. In addition, they leverage their strong relationships with top national and global firms to seamlessly provide specific subject-matter and regulatory expertise in virtually every business sector.

Our Team

Aaron Allred
Aaron R. Allred

Managing Member

B.A., Weber State University
J.D., Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law


John Wilcox
John Wilcox

Managing Member

B.A., University of Texas
M.A., University of Dallas
J.D., University of Notre Dame


Floyd Hartley Jr
Floyd R. Hartley, Jr.

Managing Member

B.A. cum laude, Baylor University
J.D. cum laude, Baylor University School of Law



Service Offerings

Corporate Services

Allred Wilcox & Hartley PLLC managing members Aaron and John bring their substantial experience to bear providing the firm’s corporate services focused on private equity, merger and acquisition, general corporate, finance, and real estate transactions.

Litigation Services

AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has, over the course of nearly two decades, litigated high-stakes business and employment disputes in federal and state courts across the country. Representing a wide variety of clients across numerous industries, he has litigated discrimination and harassment cases, whistleblower claims, False Claims Act lawsuits, and complex commercial and business matters. From 2010-2014, Floyd successfully represented oil field service provider Halliburton nationwide in all civil litigation arising from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and was a lead member of the prevailing MDL trial team.

Having represented some of the nation’s largest companies in critical litigation involving sensitive business issues and billions of dollars in potential liability, Floyd understands the importance of efficient, effective, and meaningful resolution of disputes to his clients. And how to manage litigation to best achieve his client’s goals.

Internal Investigations

Public and private companies alike are under mounting legal pressure to respond promptly, diligently, and appropriately to reports of unlawful behavior. And in light of various statutory and regulatory incentives, reports of unlawful behavior are becoming increasingly common. Those reports may include allegations of inappropriate sexual or racial remarks, harassing workplace behavior, unequal pay or job duties, improper billing or some manner of corporate fraud. Regardless of the nature of the specific allegation, the company must respond to the complaint seriously. Oftentimes, the company’s response will necessarily including conducting an independent investigation into the allegations.

During his nearly two decades of experience, AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has been involved in dozens of investigations. He has conducted internal investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, unequal pay, fraudulent activity, improper billing, and, among other things, employee embezzlement. As a non-employee third-party, Floyd timely performs serious and thorough independent investigations and, depending on the nature of the engagement, prepares a comprehensive report outlining his findings and/or counsels his clients on the appropriate response options to minimize their legal risks.

Non-Compete Agreements

An increasingly mobile workforce, heightened levels of industry competition, and the seemingly exponential advances in technology have, among other things, combined in recent years to place a premium on the importance of maintaining confidentiality of trade secrets and other critical proprietary information. One mechanism by which many companies across various industries have attempted to preserve the confidentiality of business information has been through non-competition agreements with their employees. Typically, such agreements limit the employees’ ability to work in the same industry – or compete with the employer – for a set period of time in a specified geographic location. And, of course, the employee is precluded from using the employer’s confidential information in any future employment.

Not surprisingly, such non-compete agreements have led to substantial litigation. Whether it is the employee trying to invalidate the agreement or the employer trying to enforce it, resolution of the issues are critical to the employee’s prospective employment and career, and to the employer’s business success and ability to compete in its industry. AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley recognizes the importance of non-compete issues and diligently works with his clients to devise a compelling strategy to utilize current law to meet their goals and attempt to protect their interests.

Business Disputes

Sometimes companies engaged in profitable business ventures find litigation unavoidable. Whether a business deal goes sour, a competitor takes issue with business methods and operations or, more simply, one party fails to live up to its end of a deal/contract, for various reasons companies of all sizes may find themselves the subject of a lawsuit. Likewise, companies may find themselves engaged in business disputes requiring them to turn to the judicial system for resolution.

AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has nearly two decades of experience protecting his clients’ interests in business disputes across a wide spectrum of industries involving matters of critical importance to his clients. From issues impacting quarterly profits to those jeopardizing the company’s very survival, Floyd dedicates himself to meticulously devising legal strategy to best meet the company’s goals with the least impact on its business operations.

Employment Litigation

Employers of all sizes in all industries continue to face administrative complaints and lawsuits concerning employment practices. Annual EEOC reports and statistics suggest a continuing trend that shows little sign of a decline in disputes over alleged discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, in particular. Similarly, leave time issues under the FMLA and accommodation of disabilities under the ADA likewise continue to generate significant numbers of legal disputes.

Over the course of his legal career, AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has defended clients in employment litigation before the EEOC, state and local administrative agencies, and state and federal courts across Texas. He works hard to successfully protect his clients’ interests in cases involving alleged harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.

Energy Litigation

With volatile global markets, fluctuating oil prices, and continuing high-stakes competition among producers, operators and service providers, the oil patch has given rise to a variety of legal disputes over the years. AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has handled energy industry litigation issues including employment disputes, breach of contract allegations, and personal injury lawsuits.

Floyd was also a lead member of the trial team that successfully defended Halliburton nationwide in the thousands of lawsuits filed concerning the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Over the course of four and a half years, Floyd was instrumental in representing Halliburton in governmental investigations and hearings, in civil lawsuits filed in more than 12 states, and ultimately at the consolidated multi-district litigation trial on liability in New Orleans. Defending Halliburton, Floyd was responsible for preparing and presenting witnesses for deposition, deposing adverse fact and expert witnesses, developing legal defense strategy, preparing key elements of Halliburton’s trial plan, coordinating defense efforts, preparing Halliburton’s opening statement for trial, and examining fact and expert witnesses at trial.

At AWH, Floyd brings his experience handling one of the largest civil lawsuits ever tried, concerning the largest oil spill in US history, to efficiently and effectively serve his clients’ energy industry interests.

Telecommunications Litigation

AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has extensive experience negotiating and litigating telecommunications disputes between carriers. Floyd has represented incumbent local exchange carriers in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas in their disputes with competitive local exchange carriers. These disputes before state commissions involved issues such as the terms and conditions of network access, the elements of the incumbent’s network subject to competitor access, and the costs for such access. Handling significant, high-stakes disputes, Floyd has lead negotiations, been responsible for discovery and strategy determinations, presented expert testimony, cross-examined his opponents’ expert witnesses, presented opening statements at trial, and successfully prevailed on an issue of first impression before the Fifth Circuit.

Floyd brings this experience working for Fortune 100 companies in critical telecommunications disputes to counsel his clients on successfully achieving their business goals while navigating complex issues in the telecommunications industry and handling litigation in a cost-effective manner.

Whistleblower Counseling and Litigation

Especially in the current regulatory and legal climate, and in the years since the Enron downfall, more companies across varying industries are confronting the difficult situation of determining how to deal with whistleblower complaints. And, if not handled appropriately, the resulting litigation.

Whether complaints originate internally from company employees or externally from third-parties, it is absolutely critical that the company appropriately respond to the complaint. And it is no less important, if suit is filed, to engage counsel able to navigate the legal complexities involved with whistleblower litigation. Over the course of his legal career, AWH litigation partner Floyd Hartley has counseled his clients and handled whistleblower investigations and litigation, and has published a number of articles addressing corporate fraud whistleblower laws. In all respects, Floyd works hard to understand the issues and help his clients resolve difficult situations in the best way possible.

Counseling Services

Human Resources Counseling

EEOC and Department of Labor annual reports and statistics reveal that employers continue to confront a substantial number of complaints regarding harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and noncompliance with employment laws. Employers confront potential legal problems in just about every phase of the employment process, as well as with their basic business operations. With significant long-term experience handling employment disputes, AWH acts as a sounding board and offers legal advice for a variety of common human resources issues. From hiring to firing, and intermediate issues like FMLA time, overtime and compensation issues, disability accommodations, harassment complaints, and the like, AWH is available to help guide companies through HR issues that may be fraught with legal peril.

External General Counsel

As an experienced trial lawyer who has handled significant investigations and legal disputes across various industries for small, mid-size and Fortune 100 companies, Floyd provides well-reasoned and insightful advice to help small and mid-size companies proactively address potentially problematic issues and manage their legal exposure. In his role as external general counsel, Floyd also dedicates himself to learning his clients’ business and their goals so he can provide sound, reasoned legal advice to help protect their valuable interests and best achieve their business goals.

Oftentimes, proper handling of an issue when it first arises can avoid time consuming and costly litigation. Whether a business is dealing with customer complaints, supplier or vendor difficulties, contract drafting or negotiation, employee issues, business acquisitions or other business disputes, AWH is available to promptly answer questions, collaborate on strategy, be your advocate, and help you navigate the legal complexities involved at an early stage when issues first crop up. AWH can handle your day-to-day legal matters on an on-demand basis as needs arise

As a small business, AWH understands being cost conscious, especially when it comes to legal fees. At the outset of every external general counsel engagement, Floyd explores alternative fee arrangements. The objective is to arrive at a billing structure that makes sense for the business, its budget, and its particular legal needs. Whether that means a modest flat monthly fee for legal counsel and advice, a flat fee per project or a creative blend of hourly rates and project-based fees, Floyd collaboratively works together with his clients to structure legal costs in a reasonable manner to ensure that his clients obtain the legal advice they need at a price that is reasonable and appropriate.

Floyd’s goal as external general counsel is to help his clients profitably conduct their businesses by proactively managing exposure to legal risk and by promptly addressing legal issues as they arise.


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